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Building Planning & Design

Saiprasad associates, with offices in Navi Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur, is dedicated to excellence in architecture and interior design, since its inception in 1987. The firm has gained national acclaim for the architectural and commercial success while the uniqueness of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects has met with an unusual degree of owner satisfaction. The work is firmly based in the modernist idiom, where innovation and creativity are balanced by common sense and experience. The firm is known for creating projects with exceptional spatial and material qualities, and for providing outstanding professional service. Our projects are both residential (dwelling houses, apartment houses) and public buildings (banks, schools). We adhere to strict artistic standards and excellence in service. We put our customer’s needs first and aim to exceed expectations. Working independently from any manufacturing brand, we have a passion for aesthetics and a love for detail. We explore opportunities of maximum potential and express them at a scale appropriate to each project. You can rely on us to deliver what we say we will deliver. Our projects shape and strengthen community life, establishing new directions, identities, and vibrant settings for education, the arts, and the civic realm. Our work is characterized by its balance of vision with pragmatism, and its spirited use of form and mate.